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In 1932 Senior Engineer Friedrich Kolb formed his own business in Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt. After only 2 years in business, he succeeded in making a major commercial breakthrough.

FRIEDRICH KOLB received an order to develop and supply a lubrication system so far unknown in this form for the legendary JU52 aircraft built by Professor Junkers in Dessau. This laid the foundation stone for production of the company’s operation in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

Friedrich Kolb and his son-in-law Georg Schnitzer later launched the series production of hydraulic parts as part of the company’s supply range.

The company later underwent a process of reorientation by Hans-Jürg Schnitzer, grandson to the company founder. He constructed the first hydraulic repair factory in Germany, to which was added a used component reconditioning department for wearing parts from every sector of industry.

In 1976, FRIEDRICH KOLB INTERNATIONAL established an automotive replacement parts division catering to the VW Beetle, the VW Bus and Porsche vehicles – in close cooperation with export agents in Hamburg, leading distributors in the USA and a world-wide customer base.

The replacement parts business division evolved over the years into a complete product family for the premium automotive aftermarket sector “Made in Stuttgart – Germany”.

FRIEDRICH KOLB INTERNATIONAL is increasingly gaining in significance as a supplier of classic parts and young classic parts and also in the reconditioning of automotive wearing parts.

FRIEDRICH KOLB INTERNATIONAL also functions as a competent partner with a range of airport services, reconditioning used components for ground support equipment and repairing hydraulic components for every sector of industry.

With decades of expertise under its belt, FRIEDRICH KOLB INTERNATIONAL also supports customers in setting up and developing mechanical repair workshops and also assists schools the world over in the training of mechanics.

Martha and Friedrich Kolb

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